Traveling during the holiday season is certainly hectic enough, but getting sick while visiting family can push your stress level over the edge. Bustle and the Center for Disease Control have made some recommendations on how to avoid getting sick while traveling during the holiday season.

  • If you're flying avoid the pockets on the back of the seat in front of you. Everyone touches those and who knows how often those get sanitized. From other people's socks and snacks, the back of the seat in front of you has got to be riddled with germs. Keep hand sanitizer on you while you travel in case you need to clean your hands, arms, etc. in a pinch.
  • In preparation for your traveling and while you're at your family's house, take supplements such as vitamin C or a probiotic to keep everything in working over and to hopefully prevent catching the cold or flu from other members of your family.
  • When you get home rest as much as you can before getting back into your routine for the week. If at all possible, try to have a full day at home between your traveling and the work week ahead. Your immune system is probably feeling stressed (and I'm sure the rest of you is as well!) so take a day to do nothing and let your body bounce back.

It's wonderful to see everyone around the holidays, however everyone else is traveling now as well so who knows what you could catch or how you might feel when the holidays are over. Prepare yourself and your immune system now as it may take a beating while you travel.

(via Bustle)

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