Going on a vacation can be so relaxing and well-earned, but we may not always eat and drink as healthy as we do on any normal day at the office. Bustle says that there are some vitamins that you might want to consider taking while on vacation.

  • Vitamin B is great to take while on a vacation because it can help with your energy levels and assist in helping your body process any alcohol in excess that you might be consuming while on your trip.
  • Magnesium to help you sleep because your schedule will probably be a little bit off from your normal work day schedule, and it's definitely harder to fall asleep in a hotel bed than your bed from home, so magnesium can help you get the rest that you need.
  • Vitamin D because even though you will most likely be outside a lot more while on vacation, hopefully you will be applying sunscreen as recommended and that can actually limit the amount of vitamin D that your body can absorb, so supplementing it can help you in the long run while on vacation.

Taking a trip can be great for your self-care, but don't forget about your health while you're sipping a mojito by the beach!

(via Bustle)

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