When thinking about the food that we eat, many times we think about it in terms of how it affects our bodies, but not so often do we think about how it affects our brains. Bustle says that certain nutrient deficiencies can harm our mental health.

  • Vitamin D helps with neurotransmitter production, and studies have shown that those with a deficiency can show signs of depression and anxiety. Foods rich in vitamin D are mushrooms, cheese, egg yolks... and of course the sun! Going outside for a few minutes in the afternoon can help how you feel tremendously.
  • Magnesium is one of the micro nutrients that we may not think a lot about, but it is so so important for brain health and is considered a calming nutrient. Foods rich in magnesium are bananas, spinach and dark chocolate.
  • Zinc is a nutrient that we think about only when we've already become sick, but low levels of zinc on a regular basis can affect your mood and energy. Pumpkin seeds (perfect for this time of the year!), cashews and chickpeas are all great sources of zinc.

All of the self-care in the world is great, but when we're not feeding our brains with good, healthy foods, we can still end up feeling down and out. Dip a banana in some melted dark chocolate, or scoop some hummus on a bed of spinach for a great brain-boosting nutrient hit!

(via Bustle)

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