Strong, healthy hair is something I strive for. I use fancy shampoos, try to refrain from blow drying and straightening my hair too often, as well as doing anything else that I can think of to try and keep my hair looking good. She Finds put together a list of foods that you can eat to help keep your hair in tip-top shape.

  • Almond butter is loaded with good nutrients for your hair, especially the healthy fats and vitamin E, so make yourself some toast tomorrow morning and slather it in almond butter.
  • Tangerines have been shown to reduce hair loss and slow down the graying process of hair. If those aren't good enough reasons, the fact that they taste delicious should help.
  • Cinnamon, believe it or not, is amazing for the sole reason that it helps with the circulation of blood and bringing oxygen to the follicles of your hair to feed hair growth.
  • Eggs contain biotin, which is a B vitamin, that keeps your nails and hair strong. You can find supplements for biotin, but a good ol' omelette in the morning is always a good option as well.

Getting your nutrients from food is the better choice for a healthier lifestyle. Instead of spending money on expensive pills, consider altering your diet just slightly.

(via She Finds)

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