A new study just found that a variety of the supplements you are taking for your health may not be worth the money.

Things that WILL help your health include exercise,  diet, and quitting smoking.

Here are some health-related items you might be wasting money on . . .

1.  Fish oil pills.  The fatty acids in fish are good for you.  So try to eat more fish.  But there's still no proof that fish oil pills do the same thing.

2.  Anti-aging creams.  Consumer Reports tested nine of them, and the results were, quote, "underwhelming."  You might be better off spending that money on sunblock to PREVENT wrinkles.

3.  Brown eggs.  They sometimes cost more, even though there's no difference in nutritional value.  In general, brown eggs come from hens with brown feathers.    The one exception is cage-free and organic eggs, which are better for you and more likely to be brown.

4.  Gluten-free foods.  The jury's still out on the benefits if you don't have Celiac disease.  So ask your doctor as to the necessity of a gluten-free diet.

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