With summer in sight, we're all starting to plan our vacations, however while relaxing, you can forget your diet and exercising. Brit.Co has provided good advice on how to stay healthy while still enjoying your vacation.

  • Carry on your snacks if you are flying anywhere this summer. It will help you stay mindful of your food choices. A small bag of nuts or trail mix can keep you satisfied while flying.
  • Explore the area where you are staying. The best way to keep active while on vacation is to explore the town or city that you are visiting whether that be by foot or even by bike!
  • Stay hydrated while you're on vacation, which is definitely something to be conscience of all the time. However, on vacation, you may find yourself drinking alcohol more and being out in the sun more than you normally would be, and both of those things will dehydrate you. Stay aware of how much water you are drinking.

The weather is getting warmer, and we're all getting excited for summer. Stay healthy with these tips, and you will have a great summer vacation!

(via Brit.Co)

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