It is a very competitive world we live in. And, we need any advantage we can to get hired for a job.

An article that was released in PR Newswire, asked hiring managers to come up with some things that will increase a person's odds of getting hired. And, on the flip side, they came up with some things that will keep you from getting hired.

Here are some ways to improve your shot of landing that job you are interviewing for:

1.  Being involved in your community.  So, things like volunteer work, helping out at your church, or coaching a little league team.

2.  Being bilingual.  34% of hiring managers said it ups your chances of getting hired.  Obviously Spanish is the best second language to know at this point.

3.  Having a better sense of humor than the other people they interview.  25% said it ups your chances.

4.  Being better dressed than the other applicants.  So don't go in looking like a slob.

5.  Having more in common with the interviewer.  So don't feel like the entire interview has to be about work.  Like if they have a picture on the wall from a trip to Spain, and you've been there too, bring it up.

I've always said that we are doing it wrong. We should retire when we are 20 years-old and start working when we are 65 years-old. I might want to keep that off my resume.

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