While there are some things that are so nice to be able to do alone, there are other things that I know that I would much rather do with someone else. Bustle agrees that there are just some things that are much more fun doing with other people.

  • Going to a nightclub is so much fun when you go with your friends. While if you go alone, you may find people to socialize with for the evening, but that may be more effort than it's really worth.
  • Having dinner whether out at a restaurant or in around the table, being able to enjoy a meal with someone other than your pets is sometimes so much nicer than if you were to dine alone.
  • Going to happy hour can be a nice treat after a long day at the office, but to go alone would almost defeat the purpose of going at all because who can you complain about your day to?

It can be relaxing to spend some time by yourself, but certain activities will always be more enjoyable with friends.

You can read the full report by Porch here.

(via Bustle, Porch)

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