Every once in a while, it feels so good just to have a night to ourselves. Bustle says that there are just some things that people would rather do alone than with other people... and I agree!

  • Social media is a big one, no one wants to share their accounts with any one else. Couples who have a shared Facebook or Instagram account kind of weird me out. My fiancé doesn't know my passwords, and he doesn't need to!
  • Binge watch Netflix can be some of the laziest, most indulgent and fun activities... to do alone. Sure, having a show that you watch with your significant other or friend is great, but sometimes all you need is a solid binge of an embarrassing show that you could never admit to anyone that you watch.
  • Go to the gym because when you go by yourself, you can really get into the groove of your workout and focus instead of socializing with your friend who you came with, or worrying about how and where you're sweating if you came with your significant other and you're trying to look good for them. Inevitably, you will both just leave and get coffee somewhere instead.

No matter what it is that you love doing alone, embrace it! People will understand if you secretly need to watch American Horror Story for an entire day by yourself to catch up as the new season starts, or if you want to share funny memes with your friends that your partner won't understand or possibly find crude.

(via Bustle)

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