Are You Unknowingly Guilty of Table Time Hogging?
Oh, how all of the romantic ideas used to float on clouds through my head. And then, I got married.
Listen, I'm not saying that the romance in my marriage is dead but I am saying that when I'm able to actually sit down for a meal without my child needing me, work calling me, or someone having a catas…
Public Bathroom No-No's
The next time you find yourself in a public bathroom, don't be stressed out about what you should and shouldn't do. Just follow these simple bathroom rules.
Have an adult only reception
Weddings are stressful enough without having to please every single one of your relatives. And, heaven forbid you want your special day to be for adults only.
Bathroom etiquette rules
The other day I was in the bathroom using the urinal on the right. There were three other empty urinals but when a guy walked in he took the one right next to me. That's a big no-no!