So many people I know are on online dating websites and apps trying to find love these days. Dating in the digital age has now come with its' own set of rules that dating ten or fifteen years ago never had.

With social media, old flames from your past can crop up at any time and try to win you back. If this happens, remember why you broke up in the first place. It is just as easy to reconnect with someone from your past as it is to connect with someone new, but just because you used to have something with someone doesn't mean you should get back together with them.

You sent someone a message that you instantly regret. Maybe you had too much to drink one night and started messaging an acquaintance, but the next morning you realized that it was a bad idea. Once you realize your mistake, reach out one last time to apologize. Be kind in your message, but explain what happened and be sincere.

If you've been talking to someone new for a couple of days and it's been going well, but suddenly your messages are being left on "read". Don't panic. Sending multiple messages could very well scare them off, so be patient and give them time. And if you're thinking about leaving someone on "read", don't. Ghosting someone definitely hurts worse than telling them that you no longer wanted to see them anymore.

As always, treat someone the way you would want to be treated, so be kind, be nice, and always say thank you.

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