Next year my husband(!) and I are planning to take a trip to Germany. Other than to Canada, neither of us has ever been out of the country. So we have started looking into what sort of things we, as tourists, should be doing when we go overseas for our honeymoon.

  • Don't take people's photos without first asking them no matter how beautiful the scenery might be around them. People of another country (that you might be in) may not like their photo being taken and could take you taking their photo the wrong way. Try to avoid it so that no one gets up.
  • Try to translate as best as you can. No one expects you to be perfect at a new language, but showing effort in speaking the language can show the people in that country that you are trying, and I'm sure that they are then more likely to help you out.
  • Be polite because this is not your home. This country belongs to other people and you should be nice to them. Don't insult the fashion, the food, the architecture, etc. because you have to remember what is normal to the people of the country you're visiting may not be normal to you, and that's okay!

Whenever we are able to get to Europe, there are definitely so many things that we need to keep in mind when visiting a foreign country, and if you are about to travel to another country, definitely keep these ideas in mind, too.

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