When I was out on the dating scene, I don't think I even knew what "ghosting" was, and now there's a dozen other terms to know when it comes to dating! How does anyone date without a constant headache with all of these terms to learn?

  • Benching is when you "like" this person's selfies and status updates, but you never actually meet up with them. You text them every so often, but you don't want to date them... yet. Think of it as this person is your back-up, benched for now until you decide you're ready to date.
  • Kittenfishing which is similar to catfishing, just less extreme. So you're not constructing an entirely new person online that you're pretending to be, instead you are yourself but fibbing a lot. You live in Binghamton, but you say you're from "New York". You use photos from when you were on the football team five years ago, not more recent photos that show off your beer belly. You get the idea.
  • Cushioning happens when you're in a relationship, but still being flirty with other people on the side. When you eventually break-up with your current partner, these other people that you've been flirting with will help "cushion" the fall out of your relationship.

These new terms kind of stink though. No one wants to be benched, kittenfished or the cushion. It's always better to be straight-forward with anyone you're interested. No more games!

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