Whether you and your partner have been dating four months or four years, taking a long trip together can be a great test for the relationship. Brit.Co offers up some tips for relationship survival on a long trip with your significant other.

  • Take turns on deciding where to eat each day. That way you can both get your way at some point, and can enjoy a variety of different foods. No one needs to feel solely responsible for making the choices either!
  • Explore group travel options or group tours to help you get some time on your trip without feeling a little smothered by your partner. You can love each other and still need space once in a while!
  • Plan the trip together so that both of you can have a say in what you do and where you go. If one person plans the whole thing, then you might find resentment from the partner who didn't get to decide on anything.

Escape the routine of daily life with your partner, but learn what works best for both of you to equally enjoy your trip. To survive is to communicate, and to communicate allows for the most fun!

(via Brit.Co)

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