Having healthy habits and routines helps to keep us afloat in life and feeling in control of things, but if you have any sort of "bad" habit, Bustle says that there are ways to break the habit that have been successful for other people.

  • Visualize your future without the habit and get a sense for how much better off you will be, whether that means financially, health-wise or otherwise! When you get a sense of caving into your bad habit, think about future you.
  • Replace the old habit with something new and better for you. Become aware of the habit, understand why you do it, and find a healthier replacement for what it is that is causing you to resort to that bad habit.
  • Be realistic because change isn't going to happen overnight. The general rule of thumb is that if you haven't done the bad habit in six months, then you've truly kicked the habit.

Some habits are great to have, like remembering to brush your teeth before you leave for work in the morning, but if you light up a cigarette in the car while you're driving, what good was brushing your teeth?

(via Bustle)

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