I'm sure that we all have a picture in our heads about what a "perfect" relationship should be like. Bustle and Steve Dziedzic, relationship expert and founder and CEO of Lasting, believe that some things just go out the window when you know you're with your soulmate.

  • What their friends and family think of you is less important when you know that your partner and you are good together. Their family members and friends may not like you for a number of reasons that really have no merit to who you are. You can learn to deal with them if your partner is really the one for you.
  • Disagreements are so much easier to manage when you're with the right partner because you two will have learned how to fight "the right way" and (hopefully) won't have any devastating arguments that could potentially break you two up.
  • Your future together is something you two should be on the same page regarding and hopefully, you both have it planned out so there are very few surprises ahead of you. If you two can't agree on whether or not to have children, or how many children to have, you two may not be the soulmates that you think you are.

Finding yourself thinking in terms of "we" instead of "me" shows just how much you feel about your partner and your relationship with them. Somethings no longer matter if you're with the right person, and that's the best part about all of it!

(via Bustle)

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