A relationship can change and evolve over time for a number of reasons, however if such changes are occurring suddenly or out-of-the-blue then you might have a reason to be worried. Bustle and Nancy Ruth Deen, owner of HELLOBreakup, explain that there are some relationship changes that could mean your partner wants to leave the relationship.

  • They no longer argue which you might think is a good thing, but arguing can be productive for the relationship as long you as two fight nicely. If your partner suddenly doesn't want to fight with you about an issue that's been bothering you two, it might be because they no longer want to put effort into the relationship.
  • They're cranky and everything you do seems to annoy them. It's a terrible feeling when you don't know how to appease your partner. Hopefully your partner is still open to you and you both can have a good heart-to-heart in order to fix whatever it is that is bothering them.
  • They don't want to talk about the future at least not in the same way that they used to with you. Making plans can seem more difficult than before especially if it's anything further out than a day or two.

Communication is key to insure that both you and your partner actively want to stay in the relationship with one another. If either of you are thinking about leaving, you should keep your partner in the loop about your feelings on the matter. No one likes surprises.

(via Bustle)

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