If you see a future with your current partner, and want to eventually get married, you might be crushed if you were to find out that they don't believe in marriage like you do. Bustle says that there are some unexpected signs to look out for to see if your partner is interested in marriage.

  • They leave you out of family events which means that their family is not getting to know you (and naturally fall in love with you) the way that you'd like them to do. Without getting to know their family as well, you're missing a huge piece of understanding who you're actually dating.
  • When you ask about the future, they make excuses and that makes it incredibly hard to take things to the next level where you would like to be, versus at ground zero where it sounds like they are much more comfortable.
  • They make fun of weddings and marriage because they don't see anything serious about them to begin with.

If you want a big, white wedding, but your partner can't even be bothered to invite you to family dinner on Sunday or to see their niece's soccer match, then you might want to address things head on and see if you two are going anywhere at all.

(via Bustle)

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