It's cold outside, and flu season has arrived! So you may be cooped up at home trying to get better, but Bustle says that is no reason why you still can't focus on your self-care routines.

  • Get a lot of sleep because your body can use all of its' energy fighting the flu if it doesn't have to worry about other daily tasks. Sleep recharges your body to take on what life is throwing at it, and in this case, it's throwing you the flu.
  • Drink hot tea both to warm you up if you're feeling chilly and to loosen and clear up any congestion that you may have. Nothing is more miserable than feeling congested and not knowing what to do in order to relieve your swollen face.
  • Hydrate as mush as you can because you're probably sweating out a lot of fluid so you're more than likely dehydrated and that can hurt your body's ability to fight the flu.

If you've come down with the flu, focus on getting better and let yourself rest. You'll only prolong the symptoms (and likely get others sick!) if you try to work through the flu instead of relaxing and letting your body fight the infection.

(via Bustle)

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