With all of the technology that we have access to today, it's hard to imagine not being connected to everyone all the time. Bustle says that there are some great old fashioned ways to keep yourself in touch and connected with other people.

  • Handwrite a note and physically mail it. It may seem odd when you can just e-mail a friend instead, but there is something nostalgic and more personal about a handwritten letter versus a text message or e-mail.
  • Make a phone call because these days sending a text is definitely easier, but remember growing up and talking to your friends for hours on the phone at night? Nothing is quite the same as that, but you should try to bring that feeling back.
  • Send a care package if your friend is sick or going through a tough time. Nothing says "thinking of you" quite like a surprise package in the mail.

Bringing back phone calls and care packages can remind us all of a "simpler time" if you will. Putting in a little extra effort to write a letter instead of pressing send can go a long way with staying connected to those that you care about.

(via Bustle)

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