Many different factors play in to how charming a person can be. Bustle says that using some of these old fashioned expressions can contribute to how charming you come off to other people.

  • "That's my cup of tea" means that you have an interest in the topic or activity being discussed. It's a British saying (which I'm sure you already knew that) and who doesn't love everything British? That accent is to die for.
  • "I'll be there with bells on" says that you are excited to attend the party or event that someone had just invited you to. It is a late 19th century saying, and it's about time that it made a come back!
  • "You're the bee's knees/You're the cat's meow" are both sayings from the roaring 20's that said to someone else that you were quite fond of them or that you think quite highly of that person.

Sayings like these remind us of a time when things were so much more simple and unhurried. You'll be charming in no time!

(via Bustle)

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