In the last couple weeks, I have started to work second shift. Now, I am the type of person who is normally up at 5am and wants to be in bed by 9pm. So to switch that up and suddenly need to be awake and at work until midnight and then sleep in to the late morning (honestly, this is hard! but if I don't then I severely pay for it at work that night).

So to combat this new sleeping schedule, I have implemented some natural ways to feel more awake that actually work!

  • Exercising when I first get up helps me get my day started and keeps me on the same schedule that I was on when I used to wake up at 5am for the gym. It's good to keep patterns going even when your work schedule changes.
  • Pay attention to what you eat if you feel an afternoon slump after you have lunch (or evening slump after you have dinner). Simple carbs like white bread for your sandwich, or high fat foods like fast food burgers and fries, can definitely play a part in your mood and energy level. Try to eat more whole food, complex carbs and high fiber foods.
  • Chatting with your co-workers when you have a late shift like I do can help both you and them stay awake and stay on track. Small social breaks at work can help you be more productive and that's why a lot of companies offer work lunches and other times during the work week to bond with your co-workers.


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