Whether you are thinking about moving to another state, going to graduate school, or quitting your job to travel the world, it can be scary and you might be unsure. Bustle says that there are some life choices that we can make and have it be okay if we're unsure about them.

  • Moving to a new city is a complicated decision to decide on. What are you leaving, but what also will you be going towards? It's okay not to know which way is best for you, but if you feel inclined to go then make the leap and do it.
  • Changing careers can be the best idea that you've ever had, or the worst. But if you are unhappy where you are now, what could really be worse?
  • Pursuing your dreams whether that be painting, singing, or any other creative outlet that you are afraid to try and make a living out of. How many great movies would have never been made had that director or actress never took the risk and pursued their dreams? Think about it.

Despite any self-doubt that you may have for changing any aspect of your life, you have to think that it can only get better, especially if how things are for you now aren't that great. Believe in yourself!

(via Bustle)

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