I have been planning my wedding since May of last year, but I have been dreaming about my wedding since my oldest sister got married seven years ago. Now that I am two days out, I am having the craziest dreams ever about this wedding!

At this point in the process, we're just about done while it is still all-consuming of our waking hours. I love it, I'm excited, but eight hours of not planning (sleeping) would really, really be nice. I can't escape it!

Now, I looked it up, and these dreams are called "bridemares" and I so understand why. It's essentially all the worst case scenarios of the wedding playing out in my dreams... exactly what I want to dream about two days out.

For the most part, these dreams are harmless. They aren't having me second guess any decisions that I am making for Saturday. I still love my dress, our venue, and my fiancé most of all. But, boy, am I tired of all this stress! Can I just be married now, please?

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