We, as humans, are creatures of habit. Studies show that it only takes 12 weeks to break bad habits or form new ones.

If a bad habit doesn't include addictive additives or stimulants, who's to say it won't take you only 66 days to cut out a habit that may have been overtaking your life? Instead of watching Netflix every night before bed, maybe you should make yourself read a book for an hour. Maybe instead of a beer (or soda) with your dinner, you make yourself drink a glass of water.

And then you make yourself do this for 66 days.

The research says that there are three big steps to breaking a bad habit (or forming a new good one):

Be obnoxious for the first three weeks. Tell everyone that you know about what you're trying to change. If other people around you know what you're trying to change, it will add pressure to you to make sure you follow through.

Self-analyze for the second three weeks. Whether you're quitting a bad habit or picking up a good one, try to get to the core of why you're doing this and understand how it's going to affect your life.

Find the light during the last three weeks. As far as you've already come, you have to remember that you still have to make it these last few weeks. It's easy to burn out, get tired and/or forget why you are doing this.

And then once you get to day 66, you should celebrate! Just don't ruin all the hard work with one day of celebrations.

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