In the world of technology, we are usually fully immersed in computers, cell phones and social media of all kinds. There are some habits that most of us have fallen into that, especially when it comes to texting, that Bustle believes will lead to more fights in our relationships. So we need to quit them. Now.

  • One word replies is a terrible habit to have if that's all you ever send. Once in a while is forgivable because we all get busy, but if you are not contributing to the texting conversation, then other people may think you're being rude or that you are annoyed.
  • Ignoring your texts from your partner when it's clear that you've been on your cell phone because you're posting on social media, updating Snapchat, etc. It looks to your partner that they are not a priority, and that's not considered okay.
  • Texting instead of having an important conversation in person can be seen as immature. Texting is not a substitute for real-life interactions. Just because it is easier, does not make it better.

It is so important to pay attention to your texting habits with your partner because it is very hard to account for tone when typing versus when talking in person with someone else. A lot of fights can be avoided with a few more words or just a minute of your attention.

(via Bustle)

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