When you're texting someone, the worst thing that can happen is when a spam call comes in and you have to stop what you're doing until the call stops ringing so you can resume what you were doing on your phone. If you hate getting spam calls as much as I do, you probably think you're going crazy with the amount of calls that you get and have to ignore everyday.

As of 2019, spam calls account for over 50% of all calls made. Which I'm sure is a statistic that's easy to believe if you look at your recent call list and see more unfamiliar numbers than actual people you know. If you're like me, you just let everything go to voicemail now, and if it's a real person trying to reach you, they'll leave a message, right?

Spam calls are definitely driving me crazy because I can't use my phone the way I used to, and I definitely no longer use it for what it was originally intended for (making and answering calls).

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