How Getting Spam Calls Affect You
When you're texting someone, the worst thing that can happen is when a spam call comes in and you have to stop what you're doing until the call stops ringing so you can resume what you were doing on your phone.
Madison's Fans Claim Glitch In American Idol Voting
Did you have any issues voting for Madison VanDenburg last night on American Idol?  Scrolling through the comments on Facebook and Twitter it seemed that many people received an 'error' message once they voted or, in some instances, votes for Madison appeared to not have been counted …
Texting Habits You Need To Quit
In the world of technology, we are usually fully immersed in computers, cell phones and social media of all kinds. There are some habits that most of us have fallen into that, especially when it comes to texting.
Don't Text These Things!
For better or for worse, most communication in relationships these days is done through text messaging. However, there are some things that you should never text to someone else. Some conversations are better left to be had in person.

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