Dating has definitely changed since when our grandparents were trying to find someone. Bustle made a good point saying that while there are benefits to how we do things now, we should still really consider taking notes on how our grandparents used to date.

  • Calling instead of texting is much more personal and shows the other person just a little bit more effort and thought was put into the gesture of reaching out and connecting with them.
  • Being specific with getting together instead of vaguely saying "sometime next week" is a way of telling someone that you want to put plans with them first instead of using the idea of getting together with them as a back-up plan. Setting a specific time and date shows that you actually want to see them.
  • Handwritten notes versus sending them a text to remind them of something. Even just a simple card on your anniversary can say so much more than the gift that you got them. They may keep the card for years, but eat those chocolates in a week and then they're gone!

Some old-fashioned dating rules should be left in the past, but there are others that we should bring back and use because they are timeless.

(via Bustle)

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