It's hard to portray emotion or intention over a text message, but there are some ways to tell if someone likes you based on how they text you. Bustle has revealed some of the clues to help figure it out.

  • They send long, detailed text messages as opposed to one or two word responses to what you're saying. If they decide to take the time to explain something or want to elaborate on what they're talking about, it may mean that they want to get to know you more and have you get to know them.
  • They reply quickly which could mean that they are waiting for you to respond to them and are keeping their phone near them hoping for you to text them.
  • They remember and recall what you've said before and that tells you just how much they actually pay attention to what you are saying to them and that you matter enough to them for them to want to remember what you talk about.

A person's behavior when they text you can say a lot about how they feel about you. Pay attention the next time you are texting your crush, and maybe you can discover just how they feel about you.

(via Bustle)

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