Procrastination makes the world go 'round... eventually. We're all prone to putting things off and not doing them for as long as we possibly can... until we can't anymore. It's just easier to be lazy sometimes. Refinery29 has a few tips and tricks on how to stop being lazy, and they could very well help us all be more productive!

  • Think just one step ahead instead of the big, daunting picture. This will help you see tasks as more manageable, and you'll be more likely to start a project and finish it!
  • Set yourself up for success, and learn what makes you less productive and try to combat that. If you drink a cold beer after work, keep all the beer in the house at room temperature. Put one in the refrigerator when you get home so that you have time to exercise or clean or anything else that you may want to get done while the beer is chilling.
  • Be nice to yourself because we are not perfect human beings. One day, you may be lazy and just drink that warm beer (gross!), but that doesn't have to derail all your productive power!

Anything you may want to change about yourself, like how lazy you may be, takes time and effort to change. You may have "lazy days", but always get back up and power through to get things done. You can do it!

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