When we think about leading good lives, charitable donations, 5k runs for cancer research and drinking more water all come to mind, but Bustle explains that it's the small habits that we have that we really need to cut out of our lives in order to be better people.

  • Flaking out on people when plans are made and we decide to cancel last minute, it's rude. Friends look forward to hanging out with you, and if you ditch them last minute, your relationship with them suffers.
  • Gossiping because why talk about other people's personal life when there are so many other things to talk about. For example, all of this freaking rain that we keep having.
  • Negative self-talk which has been shown to also affect you physically in a negative way. Cut it out! It harms yourself as well as those around you (who just don't want to hear someone they love talk themselves down).

None of us are perfect, but we can change some small habits to try and be better people. It costs nothing, and it can do a world of good.

(via Bustle)

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