Our dog sleeps in the bed with us at night, and if he's having a dream, he likes to kick! While that can wake us up, Bustle says that there are other not-so-subtle ways that having a dog can affect your sleep.

  • Your bed might be warmer which I can say if definitely true of our bed at home when the dog beats us to it (he likes to sleep under the covers!). During the winter (and apparently also in April), him warming the bed for me before bed is such a beautiful thing. I fall asleep so fast.
  • You might have fewer nightmares because how can you have a bad dream when there is a fluff ball in your bed? Emotional support animals have shown to help in treating sleep disorders, so maybe Fido can help you sleep better at night as well.
  • You might be able to wake up easier as I imagine your dog will let you know in every manner possible that they have to go outside. Hitting snooze probably isn't an option for your dog's bladder.

Whether good (less nightmares) or bad (kicking in their sleep), sleeping with a dog is just a cuddly moment at the end of the day that both you and them probably live for.

(via Bustle)

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