Once I get out of bed, I'm good to go in the morning regardless of what time it is, but I know not everyone is like me. Bustle says that there are some hacks that you can adopt in order to teach yourself how to start waking up earlier.

  • Wake up at the same time every day whether that's during the week or on the weekends. It sounds impossible, I know, but your body needs a routine because if you sleep in on the weekends, your body is going to want to sleep in during the week as well and that will make waking up earlier feel impossible.
  • Give yourself time in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee without running around trying to get ready, time to do a few yoga poses or something else that you like to do. Mornings don't have to suck, so try to find a way to make yours more enjoyable.
  • Go to sleep earlier so that you can wake up earlier and still feel refreshed. You will just be miserable if you wake up an hour or two earlier and lose out on those hours of precious sleep.

Get yourself in a routine to help normalize your new wake-up time. Just as it's important to have a bedtime routine, it's important to have a morning routine as well.

(via Bustle)

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