Couples who are together for a long span of time have the tendency to get comfortable. Bustle has figured out a few habits that those who stay in love do. See if you and yours have these habits as well.

  • Having mutual admiration for each other is huge for a good, long lasting relationship because as soon as it teeters in one direction more so than the other, that could very well be the beginning of the end for the couple.
  • Giving compliments just like you did when you first started dating. Remind your partner what you love about them, whether that be their winning smile or their charming personality.
  • Focusing on "growing" together which includes open communication and planning for the future. As long as you two are both on the same page, you should be set for success.

Relationships take work, very much like any other aspect of your life. You don't stop working at your hobbies or at your job just because you already have the position or the supplies to get things done... you have to still put time and effort into it if you want to be successful!

(via Bustle)

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