If you are trying to lose weight or get healthy, and one of your excuses is that you can't afford a gym membership....FORGET IT!

The toughest part about losing weight is coming up with enough excuses so people will leave you alone. Trust me, I am the king of excuses. One time I said I couldn't workout because me feet hurt. Someone told me to swim.

If you want it, there is ALWAYS a way! Just ask Walter Beals. According to WLOS.Com, there's a 45-year-old guy in Asheville, North Carolina named Walter Beals, who recently lost a ton of weight by climbing stairs on his lunch break.

He used to be about 440 pounds.  Then he started climbing the stairs at the courthouse where he works, and lost 170 pounds.  So he's down to about 270 now.

He walks up eight flights . . . takes the elevator back down to save his knees . . . and then does it 12 more times.  Which is like walking to the top of a 100-story building.

A while back, he started comparing it to stuff to stay motivated.  Like, how many floors would it take to climb to the top of Mount Everest?  Then once he passed that, he decided to go the whole way to OUTER SPACE.

He had to climb the equivalent of 50 miles to do it . . . or 21 THOUSAND flights of stairs . . . and finally got there last week.  He wore an astronaut costume, and a bunch of friends waited for him at the top with a sign that said, "Welcome to Space."

But here's the part he didn't expect.  He met a woman online a while back named Susannah, who thought the stair thing was a cool idea.  So she asked if she could come climb stairs WITH him.  And now they're a couple.

[via: WLOS.Com]

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