For better or for worse, there are some experiences that every couple should go through to see how they work together and to bring them closer as a couple. Bustle came up with a list of some great experiences that every couple should have together.

  • Meeting the parents is a big step for any relationship, and the bonds that you form with your partner's parents is very important. No pressure, but if it's important to your partner that their parents like you, try your best to make that happen.
  • Hosting a social gathering together and find out what your roles for that are. Do you take on most of the cooking while they entertain in the living room? Does he set-up the television with the football game while you pour the wine for the wives and girlfriends in the kitchen?
  • Making a big purchase together such as a bed or a car can show your partner how you handle your finances and ties you two together more than before because your finances are invested in the relationship now.

These kinds of experiences can bring you two together as a couple as well as allows you to learn more about the person that you are dating. How you two can work as a team or conquer a certain issue can show you a lot about how your future with this person will be.

(via Bustle)

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