For better or for worse, most communication in relationships these days is done through text messaging. However, there are some things that you should never text to someone else. Some conversations are better left to be had in person. Here's a few of those.

  • "We need to talk." This is (almost) the universal first line of a break-up. If that's the case, you should never break up with someone over a text message. Do unto others as you would want done to you, and have this conversation face-to-face.
  • "So how was that vacation you took in 2005?" Everyone is guilty of digging a little too deep into someone else's social media and finding out things that would be embarrassing if that person they "internet stalked" knew that they knew. Don't make things worse for yourself and tell them what you did. For everyone's sake, pretend it never happened.
  • "I'm running late!" after you're already late. This is just redundant and annoying. We already know that you're late because you're not here.
  • Passive aggressive text messages because if you get your way we'll be mad, and if you don't then you'll be mad. If we can't pick up on the emotion being conveyed then everyone is mad!
  • "So, are we 'together'?" Having serious relationship conversations should never be done over text message. At the very least, if you're long distance, call the person. It is better to hear their voice than type it out when it comes to conversations like that.
  • "I love you" (especially if it's for the first time). I don't think I have to explain why this is a bad idea.

If you do send these kinds of messages (instead of talking in person) don't be surprised if you don't get the response you were hoping for, or if you don't get a response at all!

(via Bolde)

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