I really believe that my weight issues are partly due to my poor sleeping patterns. It's no secret that I need to get more sleep, but, I hardly ever do.

Sociologist Dr. Jackie Boles claims people express essential personality traits by their choice of bedtime.

Do you go to bed at a specific time every night?
You are a "live by the rules" person with strong opinions about how you should behave. You hold high standards for yourself and your family. People consider you reliable. They can depend on you to do exactly what you promise.

Do you retire at a different time every night?
You are enthusiastic and impulsive. You are generally optimistic and you don't let things get you down.

Are you always the last person in your house to go to bed?
You care deeply for family and friends, tending to be overprotective of your loved ones' health and safety. In addition, you are intensely loyal, more intent on helping your loved ones attain success than in furthering yourself.

Are you an early-to-bed person?
If you're usually in bed before 10 pm, you are a sensitive soul. Your home is the central focus of your life. There is a child-like innocence about you that makes others feel protective of you.

Are you up past 11pm but always in bed before midnight?
You are romantic and superstitious with a flair for the dramatic. You're a prankster who loves to surprise others with parties and gifts.

Do you rarely go to bed before 1 or 2am?
You are a loner. Unusually intellectual, you prefer to do things independently.

Do you adjust your bedtime based on your next day's schedule?
You are conscientious and place a great emphasis on work. You are an excellent decision-maker.

[via: Sociologist Dr. Jackie Boles]

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