You may think about an ex-partner of yours and think of them as "the one that got away", but have you ever really thought about why you let them go? Bustle believes that there are some common reasons why we let the one that got away get away.

  • Trust issues can break even the most solid of relationships. Whether your partner lied about who they were with, or where they went on a night out, it is really hard to move past a problem when trust has been broken.
  • Misunderstanding especially in young or new relationships can open up a whole can of worms which can permanently hurt a partnership and make that very hard to forgive. Even if the argument never should have happened, it can still be very hard to get over.
  • Loss of interest which when you look back fondly at a person, you may not remember why you lost interest at all! You may have been confused about how you felt before and now have unresolved thoughts and feelings.

Whatever the case may be, the one that got away got away, and if you feel like you want to rekindle something with them, go about it the right way (don't cheat, don't stalk, don't force them to see you) and if you need to, you should apologize for anything that past you did.

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