I cannot say this enough, communication and respect is so important in a relationship! Bustle explains that there are some discussions that you should have with every partner that you're with, and you really shouldn't skirt around these issues.

  • What constitutes as cheating can vary with each person that you're with, and it's good to know where those lines are. One significant other may think that you can text other people as long as nothing becomes physical, where others may not want you communicating with anyone else that you might find attractive. And it's also a good idea to share with them what your boundaries for cheating are, too!
  • Discussing your needs with one another is a conversation that you two will need to have at some point, and you shouldn't hold back when this topic comes up otherwise they won't know what you need from them.
  • The talk about trust will come up eventually if you're in a committed relationship and being able to trust your partner is something that can make or break the bond that you two have created together. If there is any issue or doubt regarding the trust between you two, it really needs to get addressed right away.

Hard conversations are hard for a reason, and you might feel uncomfortable having those talks with your partner. However, if you are able to address what needs to be addressed, you will only have to have those conversations once in your relationship.

(via Bustle)

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