I will be getting married in less than three months, and while my fiancé have a strong relationship, it's always good to know what to expect in our first year of marriage. Bustle, and Dr. Lindsay B. Jernigan, Ph.D., who is a licensed clinical psychologist, explains that there are some problems that couples can experience in the first year of marriage.

  • They stop dating each other which translates to no longer making time for each other and showing your spouse that they take priority. Becoming complacent, or at least appearing to, can lead to more issues later on so remember to keep making time for date nights!
  • They make assumptions about household duties (especially if you did not live together before tying the knot!) and this has so much to do with communication. Discussions about household expectations should always be had prior to moving in with a new spouse or partner.
  • Thinking you can be everything for the other person as that is unrealistic and adds so much extra, unnecessary pressure to your marriage. It's important that you keep friendships outside of your marriage, and understand that your spouse can have independence away from you without the fear of losing them. Trust is so, so important.

The first year of marriage is when you lay down the foundation for the rest of your life with this other person. Being careful not to make mistakes in this first year is good, and I hope I can learn a lot in these last three months before I get married in order to avoid some of these pitfalls.

(via Bustle)

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