Relationships are all about compromise, so if you give your partner an ultimatum, that could change the relationship moving forward. Bustle explains just what can happen between you and your significant other if you give them an ultimatum.

For the most part, ultimatums can work in the short-term for your relationship because it solves your disagreement, but when you think about it, an ultimatum is a form of coercion because you think that you can get your way in the argument knowing that your partner does not want to lose you.

Rather than believing that your partner will eventually see your side of the issue and come around to your side of things, you take command of the situation and make that decision for them. This shows your partner that you don't trust them or their decision-making skills.

Being clear about what you are looking for in a partner can help you avoid receiving an ultimatum at any time and prevent yourself from wanting to give your partner an ultimatum. Most big arguments are because you did not clearly inform your significant other early on about what you need from them.

(via Bustle)

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