If you're thinking that your son or daughter may not be able to take care of a puppy this Christmas season, but thought that a goldfish would be a better pet for them... think a little harder. According to Bustle and Aquarium Fish Bowl, goldfish need a lot more care than you may be imagining, and if their living conditions are ideal for the fish then they might just jump ship!

For a goldfish to be content, it needs very specific water conditions and if their water gets too hot, a goldfish might jump right out of its' tank in order to try and save itself from the heat.

So while a dog may require a lot more training and visits to the vet, getting your son or daughter a goldfish for Christmas could also be very problematic and hard to explain if your child's pet decides to pop out of their tank and flop about on the desk or dresser.

All pets require a lot of responsibility in order to keep them alive and happy. There is no pet that doesn't want attention, food, clean living conditions, and if cleaning a tank or remembering to feed their pet is an issue for your son or daughter, you may want to wait a few years before you get them a pet for the holidays.

(via Bustle)

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