Did you know that women are twice as likely to file for divorce than men? Bustle looked into why this may be, and the truth is interesting.

A study from the University of Michigan followed heterosexual couples over the span of sixteen years, and in that time 40 percent of them divorced which reflects the current national average. These couples were interviewed throughout their marriages, within the first year and then years two, three, four, seven and sixteen.

They predicted that the wives would show a greater amount of tension than their husbands, and in the beginning that was true. However, by year sixteen, the men "caught up" to their wives in terms of how much tension they believe there was in their marriage.

Divorce was greater when the husbands reported a low level of tension while their wives reported tensions being much higher. So it may not be the tension that leads to divorce for many couples, it could be the disparity.

(via Bustle)

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