Having a marriage that lasts is not easy. In fact, half of all marriages will likely end in divorce. Bustle, and Maria Sullivan who is the vice president of Dating.com, explain that there are ways to tell if you and your spouse will last.

  • There's open communication within your partnership with your spouse. There may be times when talking to your husband or wife might be tough, but knowing that it is always best to communicate with them instead of pretending an issue doesn't exist can insure much more success in your marriage.
  • There's a healthy balance of responsibility in the marriage with both partners doing their fair share of work and finance. Whatever that means for your relationship is up to both of you, but splitting things evenly will help to make sure your marriage will last.
  • You prioritize each other even when life is getting busy and chaotic. Making sure that you still have date nights and have conversations about things other than work and stress. Still being able to have fun and laugh together is so, so important to help make your marriage last.

Going into a marriage, no one expects to divorce the other person (hopefully!), so knowing the signs that can help your marriage succeed can only help you and your spouse moving forward.

(via Bustle)

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