I am getting married in September, so the last thing on my mind is divorce. However I thought it would be a good idea to see why couples do divorce in order to try and avoid those issues before they even come up! Bustle, and David Bennett who is a certified counselor and relationship expert, say that there are three major reasons why a couple might choose to divorce.

  • Inability to repair after arguing can leave a hole in the relationship that may only get bigger as time goes on. How you argue is more detrimental to a relationship more than what you argue about because if you don't argue productively and instead attack each other than your relationship may not bounce back from that.
  • Growing apart is a real issue for many relationships especially if you started dating your partner young. If you and your partner are no longer investing any time or effort into your relationship than you two might simply be growing apart as people.
  • Emotional flooding happens when you and your partner get emotionally charged about an issue that you don't see eye-to-eye on. While your partner may not be attacking you as a person, they are disagreeing with you about a topic that you might feel overly passionate about. Discussions or fights like this can be emotionally exhausting as you are "flooding" the room with your emotions trying to get your point across to your partner.

Not all divorced couples can pinpoint one of these three issues for the reason that they ended their marriage, but these are the three biggest reasons. Being more aware of these issues can certainly help you and your partner avoid your problems being escalated to the point of putting divorce on the table though.

(via Bustle)

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