We as millennials may not be making more money than our parents' generation, but the money that we do make we cherish. Bustle and the American Academy for Matrimonial Lawyers has found that there has been an increase in recent years requesting prenuptial agreements before walking down the aisle and it seems to be coming from our younger generation!

While the word "prenup" can have a bit of a bad reputation, all it really means is that if you and your spouse part ways and divorce that all of the ugly "who gets what" arguments will have already been decided and made up into a legal contract. So while it might be hard to think about divorce before you're even married, if you have significant finances or assets, it might be worth looking into before you say "I do".

It's always best to look at your relationship and see what would work for the two of you. If one of you makes more or owns a house, car, etc. then it might be worth considering a prenuptial agreement. Sit down with a lawyer and seek legal advice before you do anything else.

(via Bustle)

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