What is the worst thing that you can do for your body? We are all different so there might be some things that are worse than others for our body.

For example, I have talked about this recently, but for me drinking soda is a terrible thing that I can do for my body. Because, I can't have just one. If I have one then it will snowball and I'll be drinking diet soda all and night.

Men's Health has made a list of some of the worst things that we can do for our body. Here they are:

  • Throwing back more than two drinks a day
  • Watching Netflix marathons
  • Overtraining
  • Smoking socially (just don't smoke at all!)
  • Eating packaged foods
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Too much coffee
  • Skipping sun block

Of course, like I said, we are all different. But, these things are basically bad no matter who you are.

Would you add anything to the list that you think is very bad for your body?

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