All of the after-school specials that I watched growing up has drilled into my brain what peer pressure is and how to say no to drugs. Bustle explains that self-peer pressure is the feeling of needing to fit in at almost any cost.

Your perceived beliefs of what others think of you can alter your behavior if you feel a strong need to fit in with those around you. This need is something that doesn't go away after high school or college either. In the real world at your workplace or among your social group, you might feel this self-peer pressure and may want to fit in at any cost.

Going to an event after work with co-workers even though you really don't want to, but you fear missing out on water cooler conversations about it the next day, is an example of self-peer pressure. No one is making you go out after work, but you put the pressure on yourself to go.

Learning that it isn't the end of the world if you miss out on an event or function is vitally important for your mental health. Driving across the state for a night out with college friends can be fun, but is it worth the hours in the car? Think about what is important to you, and maybe try being less hard on yourself if you miss out on a self-peer pressured outing.

(via Bustle)

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